Water damage

to your home can be devastating. It poses a serious threat to building components, interior furnishings, and precious belongings.

The harmful effects of water damage in Sebastian are sharply reduced by prompt and effective intervention, especially within the first 24-48 hours. An immediate emergency response by ORC’s knowledgeable technicians will quickly stabilize your property and mitigate damage, keeping your restoration options open.

It’s important to tackle any water damage in Brevard County as soon as possible after the event occurs. Mold grows and thrives in wet environments and if the water sits long enough for mold to grow, your problems grow exponentially. That’s why you should call ORC now for immediate water remediation.

You might look at the water damage in Melbourne and think that it’s not repairable, but current restoration methods can produce surprising results. ORC’s Project Managers will quickly begin to assess damages and provide the processes, resources and talent to quickly and successfully restore your home or business to normal operations.

No matter what the source of the water damage, it’s imperative to call ORC immediately after the situation has stopped and it is safe to enter your home. We will work with you and your insurance company to make sure your home returns to its pre-damage state as quickly as possible.

If you have suffered from water damage in Vero Beach call us immediately. We will provide you the peace of mind of taking care of the emergency water damage cleanup and getting your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Bursting water pipes, Sewage backups, overflowing toilet or sink, Roof leaks, Floods, Hurricanes & Tornados can wreak havoc on your building and your way of life.

Restoring your home or business after water damage can be a frustrating experience if you hire the wrong company. Fortunately, natural disasters don’t occur every day, and chances are you’ll never have to deal with water damage from rising water or flooding.

However, simple plumbing leaks or overflows are far more common. While dealing with water damage may seem fairly simple (mop or wet vacuum; fans used to promote evaporation), unfortunately, this fails to consider the degree to which water can penetrate into structural cavities and assemblies, creating trapped pockets of saturation. Too late, property owners become aware of the on-going effect of this trapped water on structural and contents materials, which may include: discoloration, warping, splitting, delimitation, and musty odor and mold growth.

The consequences of ineffective restoration – including possible health effects – are far too great to leave water damage improperly restored. Most property owners are not familiar with the essential steps and tactics for proper restoration, and naturally, they have a lot of questions. That’s where the ORC Services, Inc. comes in. Our staff is qualified through formal training and experience to remove excess water efficiently, to promote efficient evaporation and to establish the dehumidification conditions necessary to stop the on-going damage. Moreover, they can document the return of your property and contents to normal conditions to ensure that future problems will not be experienced.

Water damages can happen in homes, business, hotels, hospitals, and universities, bring everything to a halt. ORC Services will provide water extraction to dehumidification. We can handle you drying needs “Turn-Key”.

ORC Services, Inc’s “Turn-Key” services will provide:

  • Water extraction
  • Dehumidification drying – Moisture removal from deep within walls, floors, and content.
  • Contaminated material removal
  • Manage Content Restoration & Inventory
  • Manage Pack-outs and Pack-Backs
  • Job site documentation
  • Repairing everything back the way it was.

ORC Services “Turn-Key” means we will mitigate the water damages and repair your home or business back to pre-loss condition, and sometimes better.

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