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About Disaster Recovery

When we say Disaster Recovery, I am betting that many of you will call to mind something big like a hurricane or a fire. But disasters come in all shapes and sizes. In private homes, there can be burst pipes, leaky toilets and slab leaks. In a condo, your unit could be fine, but the…

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What Type Of Contractor Is Allowed To Repair, Remove and Rebuild After A Water Crisis?

Most homeowners only deal with water damage once or twice in their lifetime. They don’t know the rules and regulations involved with putting a home back together after a flood or fire or other types of damage have occurred within their home or office. They assume the Insurance company has their backs. While some do,…

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ORC Services Repairs and Replaces Kitchen and Flooring

This home was severely damaged by a sewage leak that flooded out 80% of the home. We were hired to provide water mitigation and reconstruction services which entailed us removing and replacing all the effected flooring, drywall. At ORC Services, our specialty is the repair or replacement of items in your home which have been…

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Hurricane Preparation Advice

Having been through many hurricanes here in Florida, as well as owning a company which deals with disasters, my family and I know how to prepare for a hurricane. Over the last few years, we have seen an influx of people migrate here to south Florida for the weather, the less expensive housing and other…

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Hurricane Damage From Dorian

If you or any of your friends or family sustain damage from Hurricane Dorian, keep the phone number for ORC Services handy. We can help you to put things right. For complete emergency restoration: Contact ORC Services day or night! 772-589-8026 While we wait for the aftermath of Dorian, here are some helpful hints for those…

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