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ORC Services Gives Back

ORC Services will restore your property if you have a flood, a fire, a violent crime, or mold. We offer the services to make your damaged property become a home once again. But did you know we also support local charities in a big way?

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Emergency Vs. Non Emergency Water Mitigation

August 21, 2019 | ORC Services

I, Adam Ogilvie have owned and operated ORC Services since 2010. Our staff of 15 professionals is trained to assist our customers through the insurance repair procedures and the mortgage process. Our Service mission is unique to the building industry because we specialize primarily in residential and commercial repairs due to water, mold, flood, wind…

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Hurricane Season 2019

  We are in the beginning of Hurricane season here in Florida.  Even though the official start of hurricane season is June, most of the hurricanes that actually hit the Florida coast occur between the end of September through the beginning of November.

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How To Deal With Smoke and Fire Damage

Fires are a nightmare that no one wants to experience. After a fire, the residual damage can be a devastating experience both for home and business owners.

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ORC Services- Water Mitigation by a Licensed Contractor

Be careful to check that whomever has been assigned by your Insurance Company is actually a State Licensed General Contractor:  

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