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Dealing With Water Damage

In Florida, we have so many residents who look forward to escaping cold harsh winters and spending summer break with their kids at our various theme parks. Please picture, if you will, a family that just arrived. They spend hours driving on the highway to arrive and unload the kids, the dog AND all the…

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New Photo of Our Team At ORC Services

July 3, 2019 | ORC Services

In life, everything changes. At ORC, we have had our share of changes as well, and we thought it was about time to update the photos of our amazing team. These are the people who will work for you, both at your home or business and behind the scenes to put everything back together for…

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What’s That Smell?

”   Have you left home, just for a day or two, walked back into your house and said, “UGH, what’s that smell?” If you have, then perhaps you should give us a call. Pipes can leak in your walls or under your carpet and you may not even know they are leaking. It could…

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ABOUT ME – Adam Ogilvie

ABOUT ME – Adam Ogilvie My name is Adam Oglivie. I am the owner of ORC Services and as you can see, we take care of your home or business after an accident, or a disaster, and even after a crime has taken place. If you have, give us a shout on Facebook and let…

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ORC Services – What’s That Musky Smell?

Are you wondering why your home smells musky and moldy? We have information that may help.   Keep checking back here for sound advice about construction, water removal, fire recovery, and hurricane recovery advice, keep checking in here on our blog and on our Business Facebook page. Adam Ogilvie

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