Emergency Damage Restoration

Emergency damage restoration services are critical when you need them!  At ORC, we are a damage cleanup and restoration, and a general contracting company too.  So, ORC is totally focused on providing you with true turn-key restoration. And, we want to make sure that your home or business is back to its original state as quickly as possible.  Whether it be from water, mold, fire, or storms, we will solve your problem. ORC’s certified specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help deal with all types of home and business damages in almost any situation.

Do You Need Help Right Now?

If you need emergency assistance right now, click this button to call us. We are available 24/7/365!

We know that damage stemming from mold, fire, or water, and bio-hazards will be stressful and inconvenient for you. And, it can also be a tough situation for your family. Your property can be damaged or completely ruined. So, while we can’t replace your lost property, we can help you with the peace-of-mind you need.  With ORC, you can know that your home will be repaired and restored to its pre-damage state as quickly as possible.

Emergency services scene

What Do You Get When You Hire ORC?

With ORC you get the best quality work available to solve your water, mold, fire, and bio-hazard situations.  Whether it be an emergency, or not, we will respond rapidly and advise you on your best course of action. But, because emergencies are more costly than those of normal workday times, we will even recommend the most cost effective alternative available under the circumstances. That may mean waiting a short time, but that could be what is in your best interests. And, if you decide to work with ORC, you will get all of the below:
  • 24/7/365 Availability For Emergencies.
  • ORC technicians are real professionals that understand your needs and we are willing to go the extra mile for you.
  • We will provide properly managed repairs to your home and business- we are not a “patch not match” company.
  • ORC will stand beside you through the thick and thin of the insurance claim process.
  • We provide you with a start to finish approach with minimal delays with signed scope of work estimates.
  • “Turn-Key” means we do all of the work you require, so you don’t have to hire multiple companies to complete one job.
  • We provide you with trained & certified technicians.
Drying out a hotel

ORC Can Handle The Job!

Our specialists are experts at their jobs and have years of experience handling disasters of all sizes. We have the specialized tools and techniques needed to handle any job with scientific precision.  And, we use only the most advanced technology and most powerful and effective equipment available. When you call ORC you’ll never have to worry about partial work or ineffective results. We guarantee it!

We will tackle each case with the unique attention required and develop an approach and plan of action tailored to your specific situation. This will allow us to effectively, quickly, and completely remove all water and moisture from the area.  We will thoroughly dry, sanitize, and deodorize all damaged property and materials.  Then, we will restore your home or business to its pre-damaged condition.

No matter the type of disaster or damage you may have experienced, we’ll tackle it all with the same degree of care and precision. So, if you’re in need of expert water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire restoration, or crime scene or trauma scene cleanup, please feel free to contact ORC right away!