Frequently Asked Questions That ORC Services Receives

General Questions

When you decide that you need professional help, who do you call?  Read this:  Who do I want to help?
What exactly is disaster recovery?  Read this:  What is disaster recovery?
How long does the job take? How much does it cost? Read this:  How long does it take?
Will you receive a written estimate?  Read this:  Will you receive a written estimate?
Know your rights when filing an insurance claim for your home in Florida.  Read this:  Know your rights!
My insurance company wants me to sign a release. Should I sign it? Read this:  Should I sign an insurance release?
How long does the insurance company have to pay the claim?  Read this:  How long does insurance have to pay?
When can I file a lawsuit against the insurance company?  Read this:  When can I file a lawsuit?
Can I start repairs before the insurance company makes a decision on my claim?  Read this:  When can I start repairs?
What if my repair cost more than originally estimated?  Read this:  What if my repairs cost more?
Will my insurance company pay for living expenses? Read this:  Will insurance pay living expenses?
What about my deductible? How does that work?  Read this:  How about my deductible?
Picture of Flooded Home

Water Damage Mitigation, Remediation, and Reconstruction

The most common damage to homes and businesses is water related damages.  So, if you have it, what do you do about it?  Read this:  Got water damage? What do you do?

PIcture of Mold In Home

Mold Damage Cleanup, Remediation, and Reconstruction

What is it that your are smelling in your home?  Read this:  What’s that smell?

Can mold be caused by a bad thermostat setting?  Read this: Can mold be caused by a thermostat setting?

Fire Damaged Kitchen

Fire & Smoke Remediation and Reconstruction

What do you do when you have smoke damage?  Read this:  How to deal with smoke damage.

Crime Scene Picture

Crime Scene, Trauma, and Other Bio-Hazard Cleanups

Hoarder Home Picture

Hoarding Cleanups

Kitchen renovation.

General Contracting Restorations and Remodeling

Do we do true restoration?  Read this:  Do We Do Complete Restoration?