Know Your Rights When Filing An Insurance Claim In Florida

How Do You Get Your Claim To Process?

One of the most difficult hurdles to jump in the case of damage to your home is to submit a claim to your insurance company. And, it’s even harder to get it processed.  Trying to get the claim processed in a timely manner can be very frustrating.  But you want to get your home repaired as soon as possible.  So, it’s important to make sure you take all the necessary steps and provide your insurance company with the appropriate documentation up front.

You can help to ensure your claim processing goes well, by submitting a “PROOF-OF-LOSS” statement as soon as possible. You would do this as soon as you have a completed estimate that shows the costs associated with the repairs needed to your home.

Your insurance company must send you an acknowledgement of your claim within fourteen (14) days after you submit it.  You need not wait for this to submit your PROOF-OF-LOSS.  You simply need the necessary documentation.  And, within thirty (30) days after you submit your PROOF-OF-LOSS, your insurance company must send you confirmation.  They must tell you that your claim is covered in full; partially covered; denied; or being investigated. So, the trick is to have a cover letter on your PROOF-OF-LOSS.  You need to request the results of the claim within thirty (30) days.  However, that doesn’t insure that you will get a positive confirmation at the end of that thirty (30) days. Yet, it may help!

Within ninety (90) days, you should receive full payment; payment of the undisputed portion of your claim; or a written denial of your claim.

Where Do You Go For More Information?

The above information is primarily taken from the “Homeowner Claims Bill Of Rights” that is available to you on the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services, website.  Go to : for more information, or call them at 877-693-5236.

You Will Likely Have To Push The Claim Through?

Once you submit a claim, we recommend that you contact your insurance company weekly.  You need to do this to maintain a status of your claim.  The sooner they approve, the sooner you get your home repaired.  And you will want to stay on them about paying invoices too, as this may prevent you from incurring interest charges on your repair invoices.  The truth is, they often want to wait to pay as long as possible, because that saves them money.  They also find issues to dispute, again to save themselves money.  Or they push for you to use their “Recommended Contractors” or “Preferred Vendors.” That again, is often a matter of saving them money.

You have the right to contract with the contractor of your choice, and that contractor, if they are worthy of your choice, will fight for obtaining proper payment on your claim in order to make like-quality repairs to your home.  Just understand the requirements of your insurance policy before you sign anything.  And, understand that any upgrades you want mixed in with the repairs, are obviously, a matter of your choice and an out-of-pocket expense.  Your insurance will only pay for repairs to your pre-loss condition.

So, if you need an experienced contractor, please give us a call.